Publication Name Description
 Advertising Patent News Advertising Patent News offers unrivaled coverage of patents on advertising industry. It tracks patent information related to ad & marketing trends, online advertising, advertising practices and processes, etc.
 Aerospace Patent News Aerospace Patent News is a newswire service about patents in the Aerospace Industry. Patent details on aeroacoustics, aerodynamics, combustion, fundamentals of propulsion, fluid mechanics, aerospace environment, lasers, plasmas, etc. are available. Information related to thermophysics is also provided.
 Alcoholic Beverages Patent News Alcoholic Beverages Patent News tracks patent information related to the alcoholic beverages industry. Information related to alcoholic beverages' manufacturing technology, alcohol processing, production techniques, raw materials, preservation system in liquors, wines, beer etc. is also provided.
 Agricultural Patent News Agricultural Patent News is a newswire service about patents in agriculture sector. It provides information related to tractors, irrigation equipment, agricultural machineries, pesticides, fertilizers, storage facilities, forestry, water management equipment, soil management, etc.
 Aquaculture Patent News Aquaculture Patent News provides patent information related to latest developments in the aquaculture sector. It covers patents on aquatic health, freshwater aquaculture, breeding, new technology, reproduction, new species, nutrition and feed supplies. Aquaculture Patent News is a trusted information source for all aquaculture industry professionals.
 Automobile Patent News With automotive-related technologies evolving at the speed of light, protecting and defending intellectual property rights is one of the top most priorities for the companies these days. Automotives Patent News covers patents related to automobile industry, automotive accessories, automobile designs and automotive technology.
 Aviation Patent News Aviation Patent News monitors patents related to worldwide aviation industry, aircrafts, helicopters, general aviation and other areas of avionics. It will provide you hands-on information to update you on the latest industrial development.
 Banking Patent News Banking Patent News is dedicated to provide up-to-date patent news on banking and related industry. Information on banking technology, electronic banking, banking analysis, trends, investment techniques, money-handling techniques, banking risk analysis, etc. is available.
 Beauty & Fashion Patent News Beauty & Fashion Patent News provides patent information on spas, beauty products (fragrances, cosmetics, skin care and hair care), personal hygiene products and beauty care industry.
 Biotechnology Patent News Biotechnology Patent News covers the most important patent happenings in biotechnology around the world and serves as a clearinghouse for biotech professionals and products. Provides detailed patent information on biotechnology sector, biotechnology products and companies.
 Business and Commerce Patent News Business and Commerce Patent News tracks patents on business and commerce methods. It primarily covers patents on trade practices, online business and business finance.
 Broadband and Wireless Network Patent News Broadband and Wireless Network News tracks latest patent information on broadband communications access device, wireless data, fiber optics, group VoIP and wireless security. Patent related to broadband machineries, wireless devices are also available.
 Chemical Patent News Chemicals Patent News is a specialised information provider covering patents on chemical industry, polymer chemistry, chemical processing & synthesis, catalysts, materials science, organic & inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry and nanotechnology. It covers patents on all phases of innovation in chemistry and chemical industries.
 Computer Hardware Patent News Computer Hardware Patent News offers latest patent information on personal computer products, hardware and component research & development. Details related to computer-aided manufacturing are also available.
 Consumer Electronics Patent News Consumer Electronics Patent News is a real-time and daily source of patent news, analysis & research on the electronics industry. Information related to electronics manufacturing, consumer electronics industry, electronics design engineering, etc. is also available.
 Construction Patent News Construction Patent News is a newswire service about patents in the construction sector. It provides information related to building materials, earth movers, fasteners, roofing, insulation, brackets, wall materials, concretes, rebar, plumbing systems, fire sprinklers, etc.
 Defense Patent News Defense Patent News covers patents on defense and related industries. Coverage is focused primarily on armaments & technology, research & development, surveillance, defense applications of unmanned systems and military hardware & equipment.
 Education Patent News Education Patent News is a newswire service about patents in the education sector. Information on curriculum, e-learning tools, classroom teaching aids, education products, teaching methodology, tutorials, library technologies, etc. are available.
 Electrical Patent News Electrical Patent News is a news wire delivering patent information on electrical engineering, electricity, switches, switch-gears and electrical appliances. It captures all aspects of latest inventions and future of electrical sector.
 Electronics Patent News Electronics Patent News provides unique patent information on electronics industry. Detailed information on product development, technology trends, new products, engineering applications and innovations driving the electronics industry, etc. is available.
 Energy Patent News Energy Patent News is a news source covering patent on energy and related industry. It covers patent on all aspects of energy industry such as natural gas, nuclear power, alternative energy sources, coal, clean energy, renewable energy, energy exploration, production and green business.
 Environmental Patent News Environmental Patent News is a newswire service about patents in the Environmental sector. Patent details about low carbon products, noise reduction accessories, multi-layer thermal insulation products, green house, waste processing, etc. are available. Information related to surface pollutant containment, method of carbon sequestration, method of reducing pollution etc. is also provided.
 Engineering Patent News A major source for the engineering sector. Engineering Patent News offers patent information on all aspects of engineering including design, production, research and development and their applications. Engineering Patent News is a newswire service dedicated to the latest advancement of engineering.
 Entertainment Patent News Entertainment Patent News covers latest patent information about the various segments of entertainment industry. The patents include entertainment equipment, TV & home entertainment techniques, film technology, music equipment and amusement parks.
 Fishing Patent News Fishing Patent News provides information related to methods of fishing, fish landing devices, harpoons & spears, gathering or catching devices, nets, handling apparatus, trawl, excluder devices, etc. Patent details related to bottom running sled, bottom running roll, utilizing electrical shock to control fish or aquatic animal, having specific flow affected board device for holding net mouth open, fabric construction, fish wheels, automatic hookers or catchers, signaling devices, electric current or sonic wave energy, releasing devices, artificial bait, etc. are also available.
 Food & Beverage Patent News Food & Beverage Patent News delivers patent information on food ingredients, food processes, food compositions, food packaging, storage techniques, etc. Patent news on preservative free beverage, carbonated protein beverage technology, beverage packaging, beverage preservation, beverage ingredients, beverage processes, beverage compositions, production is also given.
 Footwear Patent News Footwear Patent News contains patent news on footwear industry. It provides patent information on latest developments in manufacturing equipment, technology, retailing, materials and footwear stores. The real-time newswire service meets the needs of the retailers, industry professionals, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and suppliers.
 Furniture Patent News Furniture Patent News tracks patent details related to furniture industry. Information on furniture manufacturing process, designs, upholstered furniture, raw materials, panel processing & finishing, furniture assembly process, etc. is available.
 Gems and Jewellery Patent News Gems and Jewellery Patent News tracks patent news of the Gems and Jewellery industry. Details of jewellery designs, manufacturing techniques, raw materials, diamond cuts, diamond polishing technology, gems cleaning technologies, etc. are also provided.
 Healthcare Patent News Healthcare Patent News delivers patent information on the latest developments in the healthcare sector. It provides an in-depth and critical coverage of the healthcare services and technology, healthcare access, medicare, neurotherapy, disease management and new treatments.
 Husbandry Patent News Husbandry Patent News covers patent developments in animal and veterinary related industries. It covers diseases, parasites and predators, genetics, breeding, animal husbandry, feed additives, pet food, research and extension, etc.
 Industrial Patent News Patent litigation has followed every industrial innovation, whether it is steam engine or an industrial design. Industrial patent news will help technocrats, academicians, executives and investors to track industrial patent matters together in order to avoid duplication of financial and human resources. Each edition of Industrial patent news focuses on patents which will be of interest to industrialists, factory managers and exporters & importers of industrial products throughout the world.
 Information Technology Patent News Information Technology Patent News provides latest patent news on information technology, technology products, and computer technology. It will help industry players to find out best practices in information technology, cost-saving IT solutions and business developments impacting information technology development.
 Lighting Patent News Lighting Patent News is a newswire service providing patent information on Lighting Industry. Details about LED technology, fluorescent lamps, light sources, light fittings, lighting appliances, etc. are available.
 Nanotech Patent News Nanotech Patent News is a continually updated patent newswire service. It covers patents on nanosciences, nanotechnologies, nanoelectronics, carbon nanotubes, graphene, self-assembly, nanomaterials, nanofabrication and assembly.
  Measurement & Testing Patent News Measurement & Testing Patent News is a dedicated patent information resource for testing systems and instrumentation equipment industries. Our portal serves the needs of patent professionals, designers, engineers, product specifiers, technicians, consultants, researchers and others who are involved in the design, manufacturing, procurement and use of test equipment and instrumentation.
 Medical Patent News Medical Patent News delivers patent information on the latest developments in the medical industry. It monitors patents on medical devices, medicare and technological developments. Medical Patent News is a digital media source for management healthcare professionals and executives.
 Metal & Mining Patent News Metal & Mining Patent News focusses on patents related to mining industry. It covers patent information on metallurgy, mining, mining machinery, exploration, production of precious metals, trends in metals, minerals and mining industries.
 Oil & Gas Patent News Oil & Gas Patent News delivers patent information on oil pipelines, seismic survey, exploration drilling instrument, onshore and offshore oil exploration, etc. Patent related to exploration drilling, oilfield equipment, petroleum, petrochemical products, systems and services are also available.
 Optics & Imaging Patent News Optics and Imaging Patent News delivers patent news related to optics, lasers, imaging computing, fiber optics, electro-optics, photonic component, etc. Information on patent related to spatial imaging, optical polarization, etc. is also available.
 Packaging & Containers Patent News Packaging & Containers Patent news delivers patent news on edible packaging, food packaging, semiconductor packaging, chip-packaging, deoxidizer package, electronics packaging, protective packaging, etc. Patent related to plastic food containers, tin containers, insulated container, silicone container, vacuum food container, beverage containers, etc. are also available.
 Paper and Pulp Patent News Paper and Pulp Patent News provides patent news on paper and pulp industry. Information on pulp processing, pulp production, wood pulp, fiber pulp, paper manufacturing techniques, research & development, paper manufacturing machineries, etc. is available.
 Petrochemicals Patent News Petrochemical Patent News is a committed daily newswire service covering latest developments in the global petrochemical industry. It covers patents from more than 70 countries across the world.
 Pharmaceutical Patent News The pharmaceutical industry views the patent system as essential to its business. Pharmaceutical Patent News is the only place where you will get information about patents on development of new drugs, inventions, clinical trials, therapies, methods, and technologies. It covers patents relating to pharmaceutical industry from more than 70 countries across the world.
 Plastics Patent News Plastics Patent News covers patent on plastics industry. It provides patent information related to processing machineries, processing technology, raw materials, production techniques, additives & compounding methods in plastic industry, etc.
 Pipe Patent News Pipe Patent News provides information related to different types of pipes and related industries. Information on tubular conduits and pipe joints, pressure compensators, thawing and freeze protection, etc. is provided.
 Printing & Publishing Patent News Printing & Publishing Patent News monitor patents on printing machineries, flexographic printing, gravure printing, colours, die, digital printing, etc. We also track patents on digital proofing, book binding technology etc.
 Sanitation Patent News Sanitation Patent News delivers patent information on portable sanitation, mobile sanitation, green toilets, UV Light-based sanitation, transparent sanitary mask, food sanitation mask, surface sanitation products, etc. Patent news on sanitary devices, sewer, septic tank, non-electric sanitation product, air sanitation products, portable toilets, sewerage products, etc. is also available.
 Semiconductor Patent News Semiconductor Patent News tracks patent activities of semiconductor firms worldwide. It covers important inventions in memory cell architecture, EEPROM, HDD or SSD, Static Ram Memory, cross-point arrays, logic chip & host interfaces and applications of resistive random access memory. It serves the needs of semiconductor engineers, inventors and suppliers through a wide range of patent information.
 Security & Protection Patent News Security & Protection Patent News tracks latest developments in the field of security, life safety and integrated products. It covers patents on security initiatives, technology developments, security operations, fire protection and safety.
 Shipping and Marine Patent News Shipping Patent News is an important source of patent information on shipping, ports development and other maritime related sectors. Coverage focuses primarily on container shipping, cruise lines, trans-oceanic shipping, shipbuilding and repair, etc.
 Software Patent News Software Patent News tracks patent information about computer software industry round-the-clock. It focuses on several patents related to software development, software monitoring, programming tools and the cyber world.
 Sports Patent News Sports Patent News is a newswire service about patents relating to sports training technique, sports electronics techniques, sports equipments, sports garments, aerodynamics garments and sports software.
 Steel Patent News Steel Patent News provides information related to patent development in the steel industry. Details of patents related to steel manufacturing, processing, raw materials, steel production techniques, carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. are available.
 Telecom Patent News The Telecommunication industry is one of the largest sectors for patent applications in the world. In Telecom Patent News we cover patents related to telecommunication technologies and VOIP. It will help telecommunication executives and investors to track patent news, trends and technology affecting the business of telecommunications.
 Textile Patent News Textile Patent News is a specialised information provider covering patents related to natural and artificial threads, fibres, filamentary material, nonwovens, multi-plies fabrics, etc. Patent news on treatment of textiles like laundering technologies, weaving and knitting technologies is also available.
 Tobacco Patent News Tobacco Patent News is a newswire service about patents in the tobacco and related sectors. Patent news on chewing tobacco products, smoking tobacco products, tobacco processing, filtering equipment, tobacco packaging, tobacco pipes, raw materials, etc. are available. Information on tobacco harvesting, tobacco spinning, tobacco distillation procedures, tobacco drying apparatus and related patents is available.
 Tools and Machinery Patent News Tools and Machinery Patent News provides patent news related to machine-building industry, manufacturing, utilities & resource industries for machinery and equipment maintenance. Information on machine tool, manufacturing engineering tool, etc. is also available.
 Transportation Patent News Transportation Patent News covers patent developments in the field of rail transportation, freight transportation and logistics. It will help technocrats, researchers, logistics providers, supply chain managers, executives and investors to address transportation problems relating to planning, product development, design and operation
 Tyre Patent News Tyre Patent News provides up-to-date patent information on tyre industry. Details on tyre production techniques, tyre manufacturing machinery, recycling of tyres, protection technologies, testing technologies, raw materials, pneumatic tyres, inflatable tyres, etc. are available.
 Retail & Household Patent News Retail & Household Patent News cover patents that impact retail industry and Household products. It provides exclusive patent information on new grocery products, Food and Beverages, Retail and household, logistics, formats, store design and new retail technologies & trends.
 Rubber Patent News Rubber Patent News covers latest patents related to the technical developments in the rubber industry. It caters to the needs of several stakeholders of the rubber industry including manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, laboratories, researchers and technicians. Patents include rubber chemistry, rubber adhesives, rubber machinery, synthetic rubber and automation.